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Here you can find many additional contents that we offer.


The crystal clear sea, the morning chirping of birds in the nearby pine forest, the smell of Mediterranean vegetation are just some of the benefits that we can offer.

In addition to content for untroubled party lovers, we have a relaxing family holiday activity such as tours of the Croatian national parks and cultural sights. We have our own boat, so we can organize one-day excursions to the bays and reefs of the island of Pag and visit the beaches unavailable from the mainland. 


Not far from the property we own a ranch with domestic animals. During a stay in accommodation since 01.01.2018. - 20.06.2018 and 01.09.2018 - 20.06.2019 we offer free tasting of donkey milk that benefits our organism against various diseases. With the blend of sea air and domestic cuisine, it's a winning combination.

For a short break from the sea, the sun and the party we offer you various activities in the facility itself. So you can play a good game of billiards, darts or table football. And for all those tireless we also offer Beer Pong.

Within the property, there is an outdoor swimming pool with a furnished and decorated terrace fun for all ages, a spacious restaurant with a large offer of homemade meals, pizzas, grilled dishes and bakery specialities. For more information, see RESTAURANT.



Play an exciting and dynamic game, wake up your instincts and eliminate your rivals by firing balls on the polygon. The players wear a protective, specially designed mask that protects them from the possible impact of the ball. There are several different games that can be selected.
Paintball is a sure sport when it is played by rules, and given that players during the game do not come into physical contact, the risk of possible injury is very small.

Bungee Jumpin

Facing gravity, look at Zrce from another perspective. Jump and win the fear of the craziest bungee jumping in Croatia. Just up to the sea at the beach Zrće near numerous nightclubs, there is a 41-meter high bungee jumping crane. If you are brave enough and wanting a new experience, be sure to jump.

Jet Ski

On the beach Zrce, besides various clubs, you can find a ren a Jet Ski. Everyone likes fast sea driving.


Spray the parachute with a sailboat and experience an unforgettable experience enjoying the beautiful view of the island of Pag. Fly off the floating pontoon into the air and fly up to 100 meters in height! The ramp can lift up to 3 people at the same time. The flight takes 10 minutes, followed by a safe downhill.

Tube and Bananas

Awaken the adrenaline in speed and waves, driving on tubes or bananas behind the sailboat. Enjoy adrenaline ride on tubes or bananas for 10 minutes.


We can offer you our taxi from the airport to us. We will wait for you at an airport and we will drive you safely to our apartments. Then you don't have problems with driving from the airport to us, you can't mistake house and you don't have to search for a cab.

In our cab can fit and till 8 people. Also, we can arrange and another cab for 4 people or one more for 8 people. But if you are a really big group and you don't fit in our cars or simply you want a bus it's no problem. We can organise a cheap and excellent equipped bus from the airport to us. Everything is possible. 

If you want to take some of the options, please send us a request by contact form. Also in a comment, you have to write me your destination airport and a number of people that I can write to you exactly price.

Later, to confirm cab I'm gonna need your flight number, your name, name of the airport and during landings.



The buffet-style breakfast is available every day between 8 am and 11 am. For only 8 € per person, each guest chooses what he wants for breakfast. In the selection are salami and cheese, various spreads, cereals, hot dishes such as fried or cooked eggs, omelettes, ham&eggs, toasts. Every guest can have juice, coffee or tea. Breakfast can be arranged before arrival or on the spot.

Half board

Dinner and breakfast included in the half board we prepare according to the needs and in agreement with the guest. The breakfast is in the buffet-style, while the dinner is in traditional form with home-made food. Dinner is served with soup, the main course with contribution and salad, for end sweet dessert. It is possible to try various specialities of traditional Croatian cuisine. Each person can have an unlimited portion of food. Half board is 15 € per person per day.


We offer many specialities from wood-fired oven such as suckers, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, octopus... These specialities need to be ordered one day before because of a demanding preparation so that you can enjoy the true taste of Croatian specialities. Each serving is unlimited and with the main treat comes soup, salad and side dish.


For all indecisive guests, we offer various specialities that you don't have to order in advance. Pizza, lasagna, pasta, grilled and fried meals are some of the options.

Here you can download or view our menu.





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